Bρίσκεστε εδω / ΕΓΧΟΡΔΑ---02 / ΜΑΓΝΗΤΕΣ - ΚΑΨΕΣ---808- / ΜΑΓΝΗΤΕΣ ΚΙΘΑΡΑΣ---8081


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  • Hexa Phonic Pickup This GK-Pickup is the improved version of the GK-2AH. The size of the control unit was reduced by 30%, all other improvements as follows A GK-Pickup (GK-2AH or GK-3 for guitars, GK-2B for basses) or a GK-Ready-Guitar is required, to use Roland GK-Devices like VG-88, V-Bass, GR-33, GR-20 and GI-20 Adjustable curvature of the pickup to fit the fretboard radius of the guitar (to assure equal distance of the magnets to the strings) Adjustable cable length between pickup stick and controll unit Large jack socket (6.3mm) for feed in of standard pickups (short connection cable of the guitars jack socket to the socket of the controller is included) Larger and more smooth running volume knob New special fixture for single cut guitars Including complete fixture set and mounting instructions
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